Every enterprise has data, which are not intended for the public. Construction plans, customer lists, data of its employees. Sensitive data are decisive for the success of an enterprise. And the access to sensitive information requires control. The Federal Office for Security in Information writes in addition:

„An authentication which is done with user name and password alone is not sufficient. Malware programs like Trojan horses or keystroke loggers grab the passwords directly, in such a way that also complex passwords or frequent change of passwords do not offer sufficient protection. Such attacks are effectively repelled only by means of a second factor, located outside of the system, such as for example a hardware token.“ Source: Basismaßnahmen der Cyber-Sicherheit, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Information, BSI-CS 006 | Version 1.00 vom 15.10.2012, page 7.

Cybernetic criminality reaches larger dimensions every day. The current media reports on firm attacks are very clear in this sense. A second factor, apart from the system’s factor, which additionally secures the system, is needed. The state of this factor is decisive on how secure, user friendly and economically efficient is the multi-factor authentication  is developed. The enterprise does not accept technical uncertainties of the factor; fault liability and complicated handling is not acceptable for the user. For this reason we developed CosmoKey. CosmoKey is a new way for the secure, user friendly and economic multi-factor authentication. What is used is a hardware token, as small as a modern car key, which can be operated with a push of a button.